About Ircon

After modest beginnings and using only personal resources, Ircon’s primary objective was the development of original drugs intended to help resolve major health problems affecting the Romanian female population. We never intended to copy existing products, rather we aimed to develop brand new drugs based on rigorous scientific observations and extensive documentations. Thus was bornCervugid (ovules) manufactured by Ircon, which today represents a basic drug in the treatment of gynecological diseases in our country. Its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its place in the treatment of pre-cancerous stages of cervical cancer, makes Cervugid a recommended drug.

Guaranteeing the Quality of our products answers both to the needs of the sick and constitutes the principal scope of our activities. Quality and originality are not mutually exclusive – it is our belief they both equally contribute to resolving major problems existing with patients suffering from the following ailments:

Cervugid (ovules) for vaginal infections and pre-cancerous cervical conditions
Mameldin for hormonal and pre-menstrual pains in women
Acnistat for dandruff and hair loss
Dermatrofin for burns and wounds.

Further production lines based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) will be introduced in the near future – the resulting new products will continue the same path of Originality & Quality as our previous efforts. Two of these future products are as follows:

- A radical treatment for recidivist Genital Herpes and
-The most active anti-inflammatory gel destined for the treatment of chronic rheumatics for the elderly.

Brief History

Ircon was founded in 2003 whose mission is to produce drugs and cosmetics based on patents whose goal is to treat human ailments using scientific research as the basis.

In 2006 our company invested in the modernization of our production lines in order to compete with other prestigious producers on the Romanian market.

The company’s current evolution is upwards trending based principally on the products in its portfolio.


Mission Statement

Our motto is “Through Science, Prevention & Cure”. In order to succeed, we put professionalism at the forefront – an innovation which helps us maintain a high standard of product quality.

Our Principles of Quality Assurance, Environment, Health & Workplace Safety

SC IRCON SLR / IASI has implemented the following management systems:

- Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008)
- Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2005)
- Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18002:2009)

Please See our Certifications & Management Systems page for more detailed information.

Ircon is concentrated partially on manufacturing pharmaceuticals which correspond to the need for which they were created, as well as to conform with all authorities in the introduction of these products to the market without putting the public in any risk.

Our commitment to our Customers is as follows:

- Our clients are first and foremost, therefore the quality of our products and services are the responsibility of every employee beginning with upper management
- Our Quality Management System is planned, maintained and updated in such a way as to prevent mistakes and to further develop improvements
- Management assures the necessary resources in order to implement the application of our Quality Management System
- Our Quality policy is understood and implemented at all levels of the organization, expressing our dedication

Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

- Using resources in the most energy efficient way as well as minimizing the use of dangerous and toxic substances
- Evaluating our conformity with environmental performance objectives
- Collaboration between all decisive factors in such a way that our activities conform to existing environmental legislation and rules applicable to our activities

Our Occupational Health & Safety implementation is as follows:

- Conforming to existing legislation and rules regarding Workplace Health and Safety
- Continued improvements in Workplace Health & Safety
- Adequately controlling risks involving Workplace Health & Safety

Certifications & Management


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Nr 027/2009/RO

Authorization to Function, nr 50F/18.06.2009

Quality Management Systems (SR EN ISO 9001:2008)
Certified by CertRom on 30.06.2009

Environmental Management Systems (SR EN ISO 14001:2005)
Certified by CertRom on 30.06.2009


Occupational Health & Safety (SR OHSAS 18002:2009)